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Microneedling Best Practices: The DOs and DON’Ts of Dermarolling

Microneedling is an incredible and the go-to therapy of choice when it comes to fixing certain skin issues and taking your skin into its next level of smoothness, spotlessness and rejuvenating-newness. As most of you should have known by now, it’s an amazing therapy that will help eliminate, repair, improve many skin worries as well as…

How Microneedling With The Dermaroller Actually Works: Everything You Need to Know

Ever heard the word “microneedling” and wondered what it means? Or came across a scary-looking device called the “dermaroller” and wondered what it is? What it’s used for? Or, how it works? Don’t worry, this post is a detailed layman’s explanation of all you need to know about how microneedling with the dermaroller actually works….