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How to Use a Dermaroller the Right Way: A DIY Step-by-step Guide

If you’re yet to get this roller device that’s studded with lots of tiny needles, you had better jump up and go get one for yourself immediately. Like the number of micro needles it has,  so does this device comes with plenty of benefits.

I tried explaining in a lay man’s language the science behind how a derma roller works and its benefits in a post on this blog. So, in case you’re wondering how this “magical” beauty device works, how your skin benefits from it, and why I think you should get one for yourself, then go straight here to find out why.

If you ask me, derma roller or micro-needling device is a beauty must-have for everyone. Not only because it treats a wide range of skin issues ranging from stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, aging, uneven skin tone, skin discoloration, black spots, hairloss, rough skin texture, etc, it also prevents them from happening, keeps your skin spotless, young, glowing and help you save hundreds of thousands of your hard-earned money that would’ve been wasted on skincare and treatments.

I can go on and on talking about the amazing benefits of micro-needling but that’s not the focus of this post. Instead, this post focuses on how to use derma roller(s) the right way. This is very important because all the amazing benefits of micro-needling comes from knowing how to use it/them the right way.

So, while owning a derma roller is important, knowing how to use them the right way (for optimum and intended results) is far more important. Therefore, this article is meant to guide you on how to use a derma roller (microneedling) the right way to get desired results.

Sit back and read carefully till the end as I will be sharing extremely important information with you, all for free. The only price you need to pay to get it is ATTENTION.

If you need clarification on any area please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments section of this post. I will respond asap.

With no further delay, let’s go straight into the business of the day.

How To Use a Derma Roller (the right way)

Things you would need includes:

1. Isopropyl alcohol (65-80%)
2. Cotton wool / swab
3. A small container
4. A bowl of water (preferably in a plastic bowl)
5. Dish washing soap
6. Your dermaroller and the Re-FiXu oil that came with it, if you bought from us.

Step #1.

Sanitize or wash your hands clean before starting the procedure. Also ensure to stay in a neat environment without dust, smoke or particles flying around.

Step #2.

Disinfect your roller by letting it soak in isopropyl alcohol (preferably not more than 80%). If you’re in Nigeria, Rubbing Alcohol or Moko Isopropyl Alcohol will do.

Pour isopropyl alcohol into a small deep plastic container (clean one of course). Then take out your derma roller from its pack/cover to reveal the needles. Carefully place it inside the container and let the entire roller head soak in the alcohol for about 15-20 minutes. 

* Ensure the isopropyl alcohol level in the container cover the entire roller head.

Step #3.

Wash/clean the part of your body to be rolled with ordinary water and wipe dry. Drop some amount of isopropyl alcohol on to a cotton wool and use it to cleanse the area to be derma-rolled thoroughly. After that, drop little amount of Re-FiXu stretch marks oil or Re-FiXu deep skin repair oil on the area to be derma-rolled and rob round the entire area.

Step #4.

Numbing: Yes or No?

Dermarolling comes with little pain. Depending on the needle size you’re about to use, you may or may not need to apply an anesthetic (numbing) cream.

Basically,  numbing cream is supposed to make you feel less to no pain when derma-rolling. But I feel it complicates the derma rolling process for users.  So, I usually just skip this step.

But honestly, you should tolerate up to 1.0 mm needles. The case for numbing usually arises from the use of 1.5 mm needles and above because these needle lengths can cause little bleeding via pinpoints depending on the amount of pressure though.

Don’t be scared at all. The pain is not much and trust me, it’s bearable. I have used up to 2.0 mm without applying a numbing cream on my shoulders. So, I am talking from experience.

Just enjoy and see the little pain as a small sacrifice to pay for a clear and beautiful skin. After all, the pain is nothing compared to the tremendous benefits your skin will get. So cheers!

Step #5.

Begin dermarolling…

The rolling technique is very important, so pay close attention. What I do and would advice you do as well to simplify the process is to divide the part to be treated into two sections, especially if the part is too large or difficult to dermaroll all at once e.g. the entire stomach or face. Below is a visual to guide you.

You can start rolling in either vertical or horizontal directions.

Pull your skin to stretch it with one hand (for fleshy areas), then with fair pressure, press the roller against your skin and roll on a straight line 12 times (with front and back equals 2 times). After rolling 12 times on a straight line, lift the roller (do not drag) and place it sideway on the next area to be rolled and roll for another 12 times on a straight line. Repeat this process until the entire area is covered in that direction. After that is done, go back over the area you just dermarolled and repeat the same process in the perpendicular direction (i.e. if you rolled horizontally, now it’s time to roll vertically or vice versa) until all the area of the skin to be treated is covered in both directions.

NOTE: Never drag your roller sideways on your skin when rolling as this can be counter-productive. Always lift and place roller sideways to cover new area in a particular direction. Only move roller in its natural fashion (up and down when rolling horizontally and left and right when rolling vertically). Keep this in mind always.

By the time you’re done with the entire procedure, you would have rolled each single area of the treated skin 24 times (12 horizontally, and 12 vertically).

Step #6.

After dermarolling,  you need to be careful with any and everything that comes in contact with the treated area of the skin. So, immediately after dermarolling,  rinse the treated area with WATER ONLY. I repeat, WATER ONLY.

Step #7.

Clean your derma roller immediately so that the blood and proteins in your skin do not get dried on it.

To do this, get some water in a deep and wide plastic container. Add some drops of dishwasher soap (in Nigeria, Morning Fresh and the likes is good enough) then stir to make a soapy water mix. Swish your derma roller vigorously in the mix ensuring not to hit the roller to the sides of the container. Do this until you see the needles are clean. I usually do the soapy water mix and keep it on the side before i begin derma rolling.

Step #8.

Disinfect your derma roller again by letting it soak in isopropyl alcohol for approximately 20 minutes. Allow it to air dry for few minutes then put it back in its case and keep it somewhere safe.

Step #9.

After rolling treatment (Aftercare)

Immediately the derma rolling process is complete and the treated area has been rinsed with water only, the next thing is to apply a carefully formulated and suitable aftercare to enhance the result according to what you intend to achieve.

Note: it’s imperative to state here that you CANNOT use just ANY skincare product on your skin after microneedling, especially products with chemicals or active ingredients.

This is because dermarolling creates invisible micro punctures on your skin that serve as channels for transporting skincare products into the dermis for super-effective results.

So, if a skincare product with irritative chemicals or active agents is applied immediately after dermarolling the effect can be thrice as bad because it would penetrate and get deep into the dermis the same way good products would. Keep this in mind always. 

So, immediately after rinsing the derma-rolled area with water only, apply Re-FiXu stretch marks oil or Re-FiXu deep skin repair oil depending on what you’re treating.

Re-FiXu oils are not just another random oils for skin (NO!). They are carefully formulated to perform certain functions in the skin after microneedling is done.

The stretch mark oil for instance supports and boosts the production of collagen and elastin production for faster result as well as support the healing process. It also repairs/revives dead skin tissues, facilitates new skin regeneration and keep the skin super hydrated.

They are formulated to deliver pre-defined goals in the skin.

What To Expect After Dermarolling

After a microneedling session, there are certain things to expect; and they include:

1. Redness (transient erythema) and Swelling

After proper dermarolling, the area of the skin will be red and slightly swollen (it’s nothing to worry about). Usually it would look similar to sunburn especially on the face.  When this does happens, DO NOT freak out; it’s just the normal  inflammatory response.

This redness would disappear in a couple hours, or in 1, 2 or 3 days time depending on the needle length used. 

2. Swelling

Usually, you would experience mild swelling on the rolled area. May look inflammatory and usually with the initial redness. Again, this is normal and would disappear in a couple days time.

3. Heat and Pulsation

After dermarolling, especially the face, you will feel it pulsing (like it breathing) and you will also feel heat as well as blood circulating in the area. This is very normal. It’s setting things in motion.

4. Skin Tightening and Dryness

Usually, hours after rolling, your skin would feel tight and dry. This is nothing to worry your pretty head about.

Applying Re-FiXu oil post rolling helps keep the area moist and hydrated. As you may be expecting to hear, these tightness and dryness would disappear in hours or a couple days time. So, FEAR NOT!

4. Itching

This is the one that bothers people a lot especially newbies. I receive calls and messages on this particular worry from clients than all others put together.

And to be honest, I was worried about itching too when I dermarolled my shoulder for the first time with the 1.5 mm needle. The itching lasted for about two days.

Skin itching after dermarolling is common with longer needle length: begining from 1.5 mm needle but very common with the 2.0 mm needle and above.

Again, this is nothing to worry yourself over. It’s nothing serious at all. And like other post-rolling reactions, it stops in a couple days time. Try hard not to scratch on it. Moisturize with Re-FiXu oil instead.

5. Skin Peeling, Flaking, or Shedding of Dead Skin

Skin peeling, flaking or shedding of dead skin is something that should be expected. Although it happens at varying degrees depending on the needle length and amount of pressure applied during rolling.

This usually happens some days post rolling. When this does happen, DO NOT freak out. It’s a good thing. But don’t pick at it. Just keep applying Re-FiXu oil. It will fall off naturally with time.

Remember, microneedling expedites skin cell turnover time. This is the reason for this peeling.

6. Soreness and Minor Bruises

After a microneedling session, your skin (depending on needle length and pressure) may feel sored with minor bruises. This should be expected from an area that just took several needle pricks. But it’s nothing to sweat about.  The sore and bruises would heal and leave no trace behind.

Just ensure you DO NOT take any pain-killer. Why? Because it would interfere with the body’s natural healing process that’s needed for the microneedling treatment to work.

All of the above reactions are very normal and are nothing to worry about.

They are signs that the “ruling body” (our body system) has demarcated that area of the skin for repair and reconstruction in order to restore smoothness, glow, even tone and texture; and work has started.

When Will I See Results?

Microneedling, when done the right way (with knowledge), is a super effective treatment. It can repair, eliminate, correct or significantly reduce the visibility of a wide range of skin issues but don’t expect to get any of these results overnight or in a week or two.

Microneedling results take time to be seen therefore requires patience and understanding. Results CERTAINLY would come but it requires time and persistence.

This is because natural collagen and elastin formation and remodeling that bring about flawless and new skin regeneration is a slow process that cannot be rushed. Also because you need 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks of rest (depending on the needle length used) after one treatment session before another can be done.

Although, you can start seeing some improvements 3-4 weeks after the first treatment session, but substantial progress/total elimination of most of these skin issues may require up to 3, 4, 5, or even 6 treatment  sessions. So, keep that in mind.

To be honest, the results and benefits are so incredibly worth the wait. And because microneedling results are permanent too makes it really worthy of the time and efforts.

I am not just saying this; I have used and seen it work first hand. There is also well documented research backing this to be true (Micrneedling: A Comprehensive Review)

Here are some pictures to motivate you.

So, all you need to do is to follow instruction and guidance in order to do it the right way. There are DO’s and DON’Ts to adhere to.

So, before you start your first dermarolling, MAKE SURE to read this Microneedling Best Practices. It’s a MUST READ before you proceed with your first treatment session.

Remember,  the secret to microneedling benefits is in doing it the right way.

Microneedling when done the right way, can fix a range of skin issues such as stretch marks, scars (acne, chickenpox, burn, surgical scars), dark spot, acne scars, sun damage, bleach damage, wrinkles, aging, age spots, fine lines, marks, skin laxity, saggy skin, uneven skin tone and rough skin texture.

It’s also a perfect treatment for: melasma, skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation), fine lines, under-eye dark circle/bag, cellulite, dull skin, enlarged pores, and hair loss (regrows hair and edges).

It’s a restorer of clear, smooth, youthful and glowing skin. A perfect skin rejuvenation solution (if not the best).

If you are yet to get yourself one of this amazing beauty device, what are you waiting for? You had better go get one for your skin now!

Or are you confused about which to buy for a particular skin issue?

Let’s continue the discussion in the comment section below.

If you have any question or need clarification, please ask them on the comment section where I will respond asap.

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